Nệm Vĩnh Thái

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Some line about Vinh Thai

Dear valued clients,

The first word, Vinh Thai would like to wish the good health to you and  say thanks to your attention for our products.

Vinh Thai activities history is nearly 20 years, and is a professional enterprise produce premium mousse mattresses and spring mattress for domestic and export market.

Vinh Thai is under the direction of experienced and strategic directors, in addition to the technical team and innovative design has affirmed Vinh Thai mattress brand position in the hearts of customers.

With a team of skilled production workers, Vinh Thai ensure supply unlimited quantity mattress spring products to meet the high demands of customers in terms of both consumption and aesthetic quality.

To keep pace with the technological development, science and technology increasing, Vinh Thai has invested to import modern machinery and equipment for manufacturing jobs become fully automated, expand and increase production.

Now, the production process of Vinh Thai mattress with all actions are controlled by computer to produce these products sharp, lines each attractive, alluring colors, quality assurance and high aesthetic.

With the motto "Quality, Service, Prestige" Our enterprise will produce products of high quality standards, prices into line with consumer income. Vinh Thai always sincere with clients and partners. We are always eager to get their support as well as the comments of the customer to build more and more product innovation and serve you better.

Best regards.


Bui Thi Minh Hang


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